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Horse Taxidermy

Fall of 2016 my beloved Maggie passed away.
She will be preserved through Taxidermy as a pedestal mount with a Curio type base to place some of her photos, the buckle we won etc. It saddens me that she has passed but i'm also excited to be able to see her again as she lives forever through taxidermy.

Horse Taxidermy
Horse Taxidermy

            Why preserve a horse through Taxidermy?

Horse taxidermy is not for the faint of heart. It must be thought through and planned up to years in advance.

I'm a horse person myself. I currently own two Quarter Horses. Both have been shown and are beloved companions. A lot goes into owning and showing horses. My horses are not getting any younger, both are retired as they can no longer be ridden. They have earned a happy retirement! Every horse owner wonders "what do I do when my beloved friend passes". Most go the keepsake rout. Mane or tail jewelry, engraved stones, portraits etc. But what about taxidermy? 

Horse Taxidermy
Now im not saying a shoulder mount hanging on the wall like a hunted deer. No your friend deserves better. Taxidermy has come a long way over the years. Imagine a "360 pedestal" mount on a beautiful hardwood base that compliments your homes decor (barnwood?) and your equine friend displayed in and Artfull manner?

Take a look at these examples! (Horse and Zebra mounts shown here we not done by Agrens Animal Artistry, there are here to help you visualize only)
Horse taxidermy or any other type of "Pet Taxidermy" Is best  done on animals that have died unexpectedly in their prime. The better your animal has been cared for while alive will also result in a better Taxidermy mount. Animals that are extremely old or have been sick don't usually make ideal mounts. This is part of why Equine taxidermy needs a lot of forethought. 
Horse Taxidermy
Pricing of such complicated projects such as mounting a horse are hard to estimate. Because of the work involved in replicating the likeness of the individual horse all horse projects have an estimated lead time of 2 years to complete. These are base prices only. each piece will be individually priced.

**50% Deposit required at time of commission and remaining balance due after hide is tanned before project will be started.

Shoulder Mount:
Pony Size: $3000
Quarter Horse size: $5000
Draft Horse Size: $7000
Pedestal mounts add $500 plus the cost of your base and or habitat.

Life Size Standing:
Pony Size: $6000
Quarter Horse size: $10000
Draft Horse Size: $15000
Base and Habitat not included.

Also Available: $250
Horse Tail preservation on a wooden plaque with a custom engraved nameplate

Horse Hoof Preservation
Can be filled with horses ashes if you had them cremated.

 It is up to our Equine Taxidermy customers to arrange for skinning of the animal by myself or another Qualified taxidermist in your area. I'm more then happy to help you locate a qualified taxidermist in your area if you need the help.I network with many taxidermist across the country.Your chosen taxidermist for this part of the process should leave the head in so your exact animal can be recreated. Head and hide should be frozen and you will also be responsible for getting your animal to us either through next day shipping (shipped frozen in an insulated container) or by physically bringing it to us. On a case by case basis we may be able to accommodate our customers in traveling to your location for the cost of travel, expenses, and a $50 per hr work rate.
Horse Taxidermy

Matuska Taxidermy had the pleasure of mounting "Cisco" from Dances With wolves. These Photos are from their Facebook
Tom Matuska, Amber Gonnerman and Marty Hansen mount Kevin Costner's horse, Cisco, from "Dances with Wolves."