Agrens Animal Artistry 

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Agrens Animal Artistry

Taxidermy Services:

Northern Michigan's Award Winning Whitetail Specialist!

We Specialize in creative and artistic representations of Whitetail Deer through Custom Taxidermy. Custom pieces are what we love to do but standard poses are also welcome! We also strive to recreate all of Mother Natures beautiful creatures in an artistically pleasing manor while preserving the memories of your harvest for generations.

We also offer a unique service of Equine Taxidermy!
View the Equine link for more information

*Agrens Animal Artistry can not take in work on migratory birds*

*Michigan DNR now requires all deer and other cervids from ANY STATE outside of Michigan to be properly cleaned of all brain/spinal tissue in the fight against CWD. I can no longer offer skull cleaning on deer from out of state unless they have been properly prepared. Please contact us if your hunting out of state and need recommendations on a taxidermist to properly cape your deer so you can bring it back to Michigan.*



During the 2016 season I kept getting in way too many short capes intended to become shoulder mounts from people processing their own deer.

Modern day forms require a lot more brisket and leg then ever before. In order to give you the best mount possible I need more hide. Here is a photo of what I need. I prefer the legs be "tubed" so I can make the cuts but if you follow this photo and video it will be fine.


Proper field care is the MOST important step in the Taxidermy process! Please view our Field Care Guide for more information.

Because of CWD if your hunting out of state please view the caping video we have posted (we did not make this video but its very good)

Terms of Service:

Agrens Animal Artistry accepts NO responsibility for the legality of harvest of the specimen(s). All licences, tags and identification must be presented at the time of check-in. 50% minimum deposit required prior to commencement of work. Due to factors beyond the taxidermist control, such as field care, all tanning whether done in house or otherwise, is done at specimen owners risk. Subsequent payments may be made at any time. If the mount is not paid for in full and picked up within 30 days of being notified of completion, it becomes property of Agrens Animal Artistry and any deposit will be forefeited. Estimated completion dates are tentative and subject to seasonal demand and other factors.
Agrens Animal Artistry, its owners or employees, will NOT be held responsible for loss or damage of specimens or other items resulting from: Theft, Fire, Vandalism, Flood, Third Party loss or damage, or other circumstance or act of God that is beyond our conrtol. 
Checks returned for any reason will result in a $50 returned check fee. Agrens Animal Artistry reserves the right to retain possession of all work until checks for final balances clear for payment. NO work will be released from the studio until the balance is paid in full-NO EXCEPTIONS! Any cancelled order will result in loss of deposit. No cancellations after commencement of work permitted.

Cash, Credit Card, or Check accepted
(Credit card transactions less than $100 subject to %2.75 fee. Cards accepted via SQUARE or paypal)